Webinar and Virtual Training

16 November 2020 – 17 Januari 2021

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What is “IEEE HAC Webinar & Virtual Training 2020”?

IEEE HAC Webinar & Virtual Training 2020 is an activity that is intended to be a means of information sharing and training related to the opportunities and challenges of technology-based humanitarian projects in the new era.

The webinar "Technology-Based Humanitarian Project in a New Era" discusses technological developments in a new era specifically for humanity. This webinar invites experts from IEEE SIGHT on E-Health and Telemedicine as speakers who are competent in their fields.

The virtual training "Expanding Internet Access in Blind Spot Areas" will provide participants with an comprehension of networking as an urgent technology related to its use in the COVID-19 era. Also this training itself invites several instructors from the industry.

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